Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it -Confuscius

It never occurred to me, that seeing you on the eve of a quiet shindig

the hands of the clock would stricken, like everything was drawn to you

like all were mesmerized, all of your beauty, all of your mouth,

all the insides of your mouth – all! your warm breath! teeth…

A mouth that could make its way in the hall of fame,

For being the cleanest, the most creative, the most vibrant, the most tempting, alluring

The most responsive, – the most

The most of all

All your mental armor and your mouth

Your mouth is crafted by the hands of God’s elite angels,

Sculpted by the king’s best sculptors,

Molded in golden plates, as cherubs play their harps

Your mouth birthed a new age.

Birthed new sensations.

New sentiments, new feelings, missing…

We can’t breath when you come around

It is the mother of all mouths,

Your mouth seemed to linger in my mind – never ending, like it would never stale, never sour,

I could sleep while our lips are intertwined, tongue tied

our mouths locked, sharing one breath, sharing gazes, helpless, flowing, everlasting…


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do – Rumi

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